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Home Underfloor Heating and Underfloor Heating Installers Birmingham, West Midlands

Underfloor Heating Specialists - JDS Plumbing and Heating

Home Underfloor Heating and Underfloor Heating Installers Birmingham, West Midlands

Under floor heating is fast becoming very popular and a must have feature in a property, relatively simple to install and a very effective way for providing a comfortably warm climate Home Underfloor Heating and Underfloor Heating Installers Birmingham, West Midlandswith an even distribution of heat around your living or workspace, without the need for radiators or heaters on show.

This type of heating has been used since Roman times as a way of centrally heating a building and also has other benefits such as health, energy efficient as well as heating cost benefits.

JDS Plumbing and Heating Gas Safe registered engineers are fully experienced in installing, repairing and servicing under floor heating systems in homes and businesses in Birmingham, West Midlands and throughout the UK.


Where Can I Have Underfloor Heating Installed?

You can have underfloor heating installed anywhere in your property, a lot of people tend to have it installed in a conservatory or new extension, as well kitchens and bathrooms. You can also combine underfloor heating with your existing central heating system, so that some of your rooms have normal wall mounted radiators and others underfloor heating.

How Does Underfloor Heating Actually Work?

A standard gas boiler can be used to provide your heat source, pipes are then installed under the floor surface, heat from water in the underfloor pipes transfers upwards into the floor and your room is heated evenly.

Are There Benefits Of Having Underfloor Heating?

As the heat from the pipes installed in the floor start to rise the heat is then distributed evenly throughout the room, whereas wall mounted radiators tend to heat the area more where the radiator is positioned.

Underfloor heating you could save you anywhere up to 35% on your yearly gas bill as well and helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Also another benefit of having underfloor heating is that it gives you total control of your design and room layout as there are no wall mounted radiators or pipework to have to work around.

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